Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye America, Hello Dublin!

After we said our goodbyes Bridget, JJ, Ryan and I only had to wait at our gate for probably an hour or so until we boarded or plane and took off around 7:15 Chicago time.The first view we had our Ireland was really cool, except right away JJ said "it looks like Iowa!" I was like how really, how can you say that?!? I noticed that the farmers must divide their land by trees instead of fences, it looks really neat from a distance. Ireland looks like a patchwork quilt made up of kelly green and wheat, seriously.

We made it to Dublin safely Thursday morning at 7:30 am (Dublin time-1:30 am Chicago time) after a short plane ride of only 6 hours and 15 minutes! I was planning on sleeping for the majority of the plane ride because we had a full day of touring ahead of us, but that didn't happen, I didn't sleep a wink!!!

Haha anyways. After we took a bus from the airport to the city centre we walked around to find our hostel. As soon as we got our luggage safely stored away we were off! We jumped aboard a hop on/hop off tour bus that had a character of a bus driver, we loved it!

Driving down the streets was so pretty, everything is pretty magical :)
To list off everything we did within the first day on no sleep was see Temple Bar district, Dublin Castle , Kilmainham Gaol (which is an old jail), Guiness Storehouse and Brewery, Jameson Whiskey Distillery. In between that we stopped at a cafe and for dinner we ate pub in Temple Bar that I had been to my first time that I was in Dublin 4 years ago, it brought back memories!

Here are some random pics of the day...

I ended my day with fish and chips! It was delic! :)

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