Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun In Ireland

We saw quite a bit in Ireland, had a few pints, and ultimately got super excited for our next desination...ROMA!

We shopped along Graffton street (which is one of my favorite streets in Dublin)...

We went to the countryside on a bus tour to see the Wicklow region which equals one word GORGEOUS! It was by far my favorite day of the Ireland trip, I loved everything about that day.

Our first stop was Dun Laoghaire-I can definitely imagine myself living in a town just like this, and this is what I kind of picture Maine to be like, a quaint, seaside town...too cute!

Our next stop was a coffee shop that had the most amazing looking pastries but I restrained myself...hard to believe I know! Next we were onto Wicklow!

We saw the spot where they filmed P.S. I Love You :) & Where so many other famous movies were filmed including Braveheart. When we were outside taking pictures it was sooo windy that you wouldn't be able to imagine it! So when we boarded the bus again the driver offered us shots of Jameson, it definitely warmed me up! After we came down from the hills we ate lunch and then headed to an old monastery. The monastery was beautiful. The ruins were incredibly old and set in such a peaceful little village area. Many of the headstones were huge celtic crosses that were just gorgeous! I kept looking for an Egan gravestone, with no luck. I found out that in this particular site the names Bridget & Patrick seemed very prevalent and the last name Byrne was everywhere!

There was also a walking path that lead us to a picturesque lake–it was so calm and beautiful. Words can describe how beautiful it was. There were breathtaking hills in the background, forests behind us, and some ruins around us. I could have camped out there for the night, not to mention that I didn't have to worry about snakes. Oh yea, I didn't mention that yet! No snakes! How perfect is that? There are barely any bugs and no dangerous animals in Ireland and noooo SNAKES! it's amazing, I loved it!

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